Endorsements for the Book and Workshop
Smart Money for Church Salaries

Dan Busby
President of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

Establishing a fair and legally compliant compensation structure for your church is critical—and it won’t happen by accident! The new, one-day XPastor Compensation Workshop is just what you need for an engaging, deep dive into the key areas of compensation that your church must have soundly addressed. Bravo, XPastor, for offering this much-needed resource!

Tim Beltz
Former XP, church consultant, and author of Charting the Course: Navigating the Legal Side of a Church Plant

Fletch’s mastery of all things related to church administration permeates every page of his latest book, Smart Money for Church Salaries.  This “one stop shopping” not only provides the means to reliably, fairly, and appropriately set church staff salaries, it is a comprehensive primer to navigate the legal labyrinth of church salary regulations and policies. His story telling approach is legendary Lencioni-style … I couldn’t put the book down. This is a “must” desk reference volume for every XP.

Warren Bird, Ph.D.
Vice President of Research, Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

David Fletcher knows the financial side of churches like few others. Whatever he prepares is always substantial and sound.

Amy Butcher
Human Resources and Payroll Manager, The Chapel, Akron, Ohio

Developing a total rewards system that addresses the needs of both pastoral and non-pastoral staff, while being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us as leaders, takes great wisdom and experience. David brings both of these to the conversation with a pastor’s heart and a firm grasp on employer/employee relations. There is no better resource to tap.

Sam Chand
Leadership Consultant and author of Bigger Faster Leadership

Everyone, and I mean literally everyone will learn new information communicated in such a refreshing format. David Fletcher has brought together his decades of church leadership into this wise book. Smart Money for Church Salaries is a gift to the Church. This book will change how you do church governance and compensation. I would highly recommend this to all senior church leadership. With this book, ignorance is no excuse. Brilliant. Helpful. Blessing.

Julie Eastman
Executive Minister, Northside Christian Church, Spring, Texas

This workshop steps into a much-needed conversation in the church world. We want to lead and care for our staff well, and that includes how best to compensate each person. Thank you, David, for providing the tools to lead us in the right direction.

Dr. Gene A. Getz
Professor, Pastor, Author

In this book, David Fletcher provides numerous illustrations and examples that reflect many years of experience as an executive pastor in a large church environment. He offers both principles of good stewardship and practical solutions to the myriad of challenges inherent in addressing the staffing and related compensation realities of churches of any size.

Russ Jacobson
COO, Shepherd’s Grove | Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller, Irvine, California

Church compensation is one of the most complex and sensitive topics around. We all can use guidance when it comes to setting and adjusting compensation, and XPastor is ready to help with its national scope and unparalleled expertise. Come to this one-day workshop to learn from the experts and be blessed with practical knowledge that is ready to be implemented right away. This workshop will be the best time investment that you make all year!

Gavin Kajikawa
Executive Pastor, Lighthouse Community Church, Torrance, California

The compensation workshop is for XPs going through real life compensation challenges, where you’ll hear real life biblical and legal answers that will equip you, bless your church staff and protect your church family. The discussions will bring up compensation questions that you didn’t know needed to be asked and answered. You will leave with direction and immediate tools to implement your church’s compensation game plan!

Brad Leeper
President and Principal of Generis

Working with Executive Pastors across the country, one constant refrain is better discernment and knowledge around staff compensation issues, levels and processes. This workshop and tool will provide you with a handbook and reference point to make you better at working with your staff, your pastor and your board. You can move on to other issues to worry about.

Michael Martin
Vice President, Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

Ever struggled with compensation issues in your church? We’ve all been there! But with Smart Money for Church Salaries, we’re now so much better equipped to tackle the key legal, ethical, and biblical issues surrounding this tough topic. You’re guaranteed to raise the bar at your church by diving into this one-of-a-kind resource from our friend David Fletcher, an experienced and trusted coach to pastors.

David Middlebrook
Founding Attorney, The Church Lawyers

Smart Money for Church Salaries covers so many important areas for churches and their Executive Pastors. David’s thoughtful case study should be carefully analyzed to make sure every compensation factor is considered by church leaders.

Larry Osborne
Pastor and Author, Vista, California

Unfortunately, most churches and church leaders have very little training or context to lean on when it comes to setting salaries. In Smart Money for Church Salaries, David Fletcher has done the body of Christ a big favor by producing a book that covers both the mythological and philosophical issues that every church with a paid staff must deal with. You may or may not agree with everything he suggests. That’s not the issue. Grappling with these real-life issues is the issue. I recommend it to you and your team.

Eddie Park
Founder of HUG Church, Fullerton, California

All I know is there’s a problem and there’s no other resource like this. The story format and characters with names helps digest the material. Church leaders at the board level need this.

Dan Reiland
Executive Pastor, 12Stone Church, Lawrenceville, Georgia

Smart Money for Church Salaries is an excellent and practical book that combines both a massive amount of research inside an engaging format. David Fletcher has delivered a brilliant work in writing the story of WheatFields Good News Church, using a story format and compiled case study method. This book will help you pay church staff with confidence, wisdom and good biblical stewardship. From charts and graphs to lots of examples, this book is a must for senior staff and church financial leaders. Now you can’t say, “I didn’t know.”