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It begins with …

WheatFields Good News Church could be across the street or a few miles down the road from your church. Attendance is increasing, worship is thriving and ministry is booming. WheatFields is a dynamic ministry. As good as things look on the outside, though, there are problems on the inside. The salary budgets are in chaos. Though no one is yet admitting wrongdoing or breaking the law, there are strong suspicions that things are amiss.

Journey with Dan Black, a leader at WheatFields. Walk through back-room meetings and staff discussions. Step through the thinking of how to solve the compensation problem at his church. With Dan, analyze salaries and learn a maze of state and federal regulations. Your goal with Dan is to gather comparative salaries and create a compensation guide … if only the path were that easy.

The story of WheatFields Good News Church is a compiled case study. Several churches are melded in the case. WheatFields is a fictitious name, so as to protect the guilty and the innocent. It is compiled from different churches, as no church wants to publicize their confidential salary information—nor air their dirty laundry. The stories, though, are real. The facts come from churches just like yours.

This book is an insider’s reveal of how to pay church staff. This is a top to bottom, step- by-step guide to ensuring equitable salaries and benefits in your church. The case allows this to happen in real time with deadlines, dialogue and delivery. WheatFields couples employee names with complete salary information, so that a picture emerges of the entire church staff.

… and gets practical for your church

How to Solve the Puzzle

WheatFields was missing a system for understanding and working with their staff. Churches of all sizes need a compensation guide. It doesn’t matter whether there are four staff members at your church, 128 at WheatFields or 400 at an über-church. All churches can use the principles of Smart Money for Church Salaries.

A compensation guide segments staff into various divisions according to their job description. The first division of staff is ministry staff, the second division is exempt staff and the third division is non-exempt support staff. An example looks like this:

Ministry Staff—senior leadership, core team, pastors, assistant pastors, ministry directors.

Exempt Staff—directors, executive assistants.

Support Staff—assistant directors, coordinators, administrative assistants, receptionists, facility workers.

A student in XPastor’s course, Ops 101—Staffing, created a guide for one department of five people:

Finance and Office Salary Guide

Quad 1 Quad 2 Quad 3 Quad 4
Finance Director $58,076 $61,132 $64,350 $67,568
Finance Support p/t $18,720 $20,280 $21,060 $22,113
Office Manager p/t $8,917 $9,386 $9,880 $10,374
Receptionist p/t $6,336 $6,669 $7,020 $7,371
Staff Support p/t $11,856 $12,480 $14,560 $15,288

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