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Salary and church compensation mistakes are all too common. Fletch has seen easily avoidable mistakes more times than he can count during his 18 years of being an executive pastor, as well as consulting with churches around the nation.

Video Series

8 videos give you insight on church compensation, staying legal, dealing with thorny salary issues, setting fair compensation and creating a salary grid.
There are also the slide decks from the presentations, tools and steps that you can use.

Hear from …

Dave Dummitt
Lead Pastor, Founder Gyve

David Fletcher
Founder of XPastor

Monty Kelso
President of SlingShot

Brad Leeper
President of Generis

John VanDrunen
General Counsel of ECFA

Sarah Robbins
Vanderbloemen Search

Dave Milam
Vice President, Visioneering

William Vanderbloemen
Founder and CEO

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What people are saying

David Fletcher knows the financial side of churches like few others.

Whatever he prepares is always substantial and sound.

Establishing a fair and legally compliant compensation structure for your church is critical—and it won’t happen by accident! The new, one-day XPastor Compensation Workshop is just what you need for an engaging, deep dive into the key areas of compensation. Your church must soundly address these items. Bravo, XPastor, for offering this much-needed resource!

Developing a total rewards system that addresses the needs of both pastoral and non-pastoral staff, while being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us as leaders, takes great wisdom and experience. David brings both of these to the conversation with a pastor’s heart and a firm grasp on employer/employee relations. There is no better resource to tap.

This workshop steps into a much-needed conversation in the church world. We want to lead and care for our staff well, and that includes how best to compensate each person. Thank you David for providing the tools to lead us in the right direction.

Church compensation is one of the most complex and sensitive topics around.  We all can use guidance when it comes to setting and adjusting compensation, and XPastor is ready to help with its national scope and unparalleled expertise.  Come to this one-day workshop to learn from the experts and be blessed with practical knowledge that is ready to be implemented right away. This workshop will be the best time investment that you make all year!

The compensation workshop is for church leaders going through real-life compensation challenges. You’ll hear biblical and legal answers that will equip you, bless your staff and protect your church family. The discussions will bring up compensation issues that you didn’t know needed to be asked and answered. You will leave with direction and immediate tools to implement your church’s compensation game plan!

Working with church leaders across the country, one constant refrain is “better discernment and knowledge around staff compensation issues, levels and processes.” This workshop will provide a reference point to make you better at working with your staff, your pastors and your board.

Brad Leeper, President, Generis

Smart Money for Church Salaries covers so many important areas for churches and their leaders.

David’s thoughtful case study should be carefully analyzed to make sure every compensation factor is considered by church leaders.

All I know is there’s a problem.

There is no other resource like this workshop. 

The workshop gives a workable game plan that would of taken me many days to create.  I need those best practices and conversations with my peers during the breaks. For any church leader that deals with compensation, this may be one of the best workshops you can attend to deal with such a complex issue.

David’s experience in figuring out best compensation practices spans decades and churches of all sizes. His unique, data driven, locally sourced approach to staff compensation removes the mystery while preserving privacy.

I didn’t know what I didn’t know! As an XP, the Compensation Workshops provide great insight and clarity into areas that our church really needed to get dialed in. I’m not necessarily a “numbers guy” … the information is engaging, practical and easy to implement. Thank you XPastor!

Jon Wright, XP and Church Consultant

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