The area of finances is so large in a church that we have devoted two courses to this topic.  In Operations 103, we looked at ten vital topics for church finances.  Now, in Operations 104, we will examine ten more vital topics.  Church financial issues range from cash to invoices, from expense reporting to audits, from insurance to legal issues.  This course will drive you to discuss core issues with your church leaders.  The practical assignments will challenge you to examine and critique how you “do business.”  Your Finance Director and Bookkeeper could enroll with you in this course, as well as your Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair.  Use this course as a springboard to new levels of excellence, accountability and financial health (you don’t have to take the certification courses in order, so Finances 103 is not a prerequisite for 104). 

This course is comprised of 10 classes and successful completion grants 1.0 credit hours. See the full description and course page for Ops 104 Finances, Part 2.