Pre XP-Seminar Generosity Workshop

//Pre XP-Seminar Generosity Workshop

Pre XP-Seminar Generosity Workshop


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Generosity: Unveiling the Mystery of Your Church’s Donors

Brad Leeper President, Generis

Brad Leeper

Tuesday, February 20, 2:00-4:30 pm

$250 per person when you also enroll in the Seminar. Limited attendance. Enroll in the Generosity Workshop and receive the XPastor Online Course MS202–Generosity for free!

Why did donors leave you last year? Job transfer? Getting mad? How do you shut the back door and how do we emphasize the front door? Are you attracting new donors? This session will give a different slant on your church’s data. It will tell you many things that are different than what is readily apparent.

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