In church compensation, there is a dizzying array of acronyms, regulations and terms … DOL, ERISA, SECA … and pastoral salaries include the hard-to-understand ministerial housing allowance.

Author David Fletcher finds that pastors and church leaders often ask three pivotal questions: Am I being paid fairly? Is our church staff being underpaid or overpaid? Do we have a compensation plan that reflects the values of God’s Kingdom? Senior pastors and boards must make value-driven decisions. Church leadership must expertly implement those decisions within the scope of the rules. 

WheatFields Good News Church is a compiled case study. It’s a fictitious name so as to protect the guilty and the innocent. The case is compiled from various churches, as no church wants to publicize their confidential salary information nor air their dirty laundry. The stories, though, are real. The facts come from churches just like yours. Journey with Dan Black, a leader at WheatFields. Walk through back-room meetings and staff discussions. Step through the thinking of how to solve the compensation problem. Analyze all salaries and learn a maze of regulations. Your goal with Dan is to gather comparative salaries and create a compensation guide. 

246 pages. 8 ½ x 11.