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Predators in the Church
10 workshops around the nation

a direct discussion that is gentle, nuanced and impactful

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Dr. David Fletcher, Founder of XPastor, is bringing ten workshops around the country on Predators in the Church. With Fletch, the fall 2019 workshops will feature noted leaders from around the country. The reason is simple—we have a problem with church embezzlers, child sexual predators and active shooters. The topics are scary enough, so the presentations will be both gentle and direct. The focus is for church leaders to change their thinking about predators, which leads to new strategics and tactics. Predators are smart and their tactics will change each year, so the church must stay ahead of them.

Fletch says:

Ten years ago, there was little need for this workshop. Now churches of all sizes deal with predators in their midst.

Don’t let your people be hounded by a predator. Don’t let your church become another national news story.

Predators seek out churches that are easy targets for their criminal activity.

The workshops give ways prevent and deter predators in your church.

12 Workshop Takeaways and Counting!

  1. Learn how church leadership teams should guard the gate.
  2. Understand the thinking patterns of sexual predators.
  3. See basic and advanced practices of child protection—take your church to the next level.
  4. Get started with a church safety team or take yours to the next level.
  5. Discover architectural insights to make your campus safer.
  6. Get tools to increase generosity to pay for campus renovations.
  7. Learn what a lender expects for a major campus security and renovation loan.
  8. Understand when to bring in outside experts and for what kinds of crises.
  9. Take home new financial practices based on how embezzlers are currently stealing from churches.
  10. Ensure that your financial standards are up to national levels.
  11. Use the best tools to track volunteers and screening.
  12. Ponder the risk of church members who are currently carrying concealed weapons.

These are some of the takeaways from this content-rich workshop. XPastor events challenge your head and heart.

Predators Are in All Sizes of Churches

This workshop is about changing the thinking of church leaders about predators. We don’t like to think about this topic but it is essential for our people’s safety. Every day in the national news media there are stories about shootings, embezzlement and sexual abuse in the church. Recent media stories include:

  • An active shooter at a church of 70 attendees killed 26 people.
  • An embezzler in a town of 844 people stole $481,000.
  • Two school leaders in a big city stole upwards of $3 million.
  • A sexual predator at the eighth largest church in America wrought havoc.

The trauma of a predator is enormous. Fletch says, “When a predator strikes, your people are spiritually and physically harmed. Your church’s reputation suffers in the local and national media. Your church faces lawsuits and months in legal hassles. You don’t want these things to happen to your church!”

Workshop Focus

  1. Fletch’s Eight Principles of Wolf Thinking.
  2. Actual stories of predators in the news media: The Case of the Active Shooter, The Case of the Child Predator and The Case of the Church Embezzler.
  3. The compiled case from WheatFields Good News Church, which enables attendees to gain insider information not available in news stories.

Predators are smart, so yesterday’s plans may not be effective today. At the workshop, learn new methods of prevention. Discover the predator in the case of WheatFields Good News Church. See real-life cases from recent stories in the national media.

Fletch will be joined by noted leaders from around the nation, each bringing vital information about their area of specialty. The conversation will be direct, yet gentle. The workshop will be nuanced so that churches from a wide variety of polity can take home essential strategies.

Workshop Schedule

9:00—Session 1: The Case of the Active Shooter
10:00—Session 2: Preventing Violence at Your Church
11:00—Session 3: The Case of the Child Predator
Noon—Lunch is provided, then a panel discussion
1:00—Session 4: Safeguarding Children and Youth at Your Church
2:00—Session 5: The Case of the Church Embezzler
3:00—Session 6: Preventing Fraud; Q&A


Dallas—Chase Oaks—August 22
Minneapolis—The Grove—August 29
Seattle—Crossroads Bible—September 12
Washington DC—Reston Bible—September 18
Orlando—Mosaic—September 26
Colorado Springs—Mountain Springs—October 8
Indianapolis—Stones Crossing—October 15
Atlanta—Trinity Anglican—October 30
SoCal—Shepherds Grove Pres—November 7
Hawaii—Grace Pearlside—November 14

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