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Learn from three cases

The Case of the Active Shooter

The Case of the Child Predator

The Case of the Church Embezzler

Hear Fletch and others in a direct discussion
that is gentle, nuanced and impactful.

Change your thinking about predators,
then take action with current tactics.

To deter the wolf in sheep’s clothing,
change your thinking and take action.


Every day in the national news media, there are stories about shootings, embezzlement and sexual abuse in the church.

Recent media stories include:

  • An active shooter at a church of 70 attendees killed 26 people.
  • An embezzler in a town of 844 people stole $481,000.
  • Two school leaders in a big city stole upwards of $3 million.
  • A sexual predator at the eighth largest church in America wrought havoc.

This workshop will help you  deter and prevent predators  in your church.

Please don’t be another victim. Don’t be another story in the national press.


Predators are in churches of all sizes and cities. They are already in your church! The workshop focuses on three types of predators:

  1.  Active Shooters  have never been more active. Learn the basics and nuances of church safety teams and dealing with attenders that have concealed weapons. Enhance your first lines of awareness and building security.
  2.  Child Sexual Predators  are in your church but only one out of four sexual assaults are reported. Discover basic and advanced tactics for prevention … and see how predators will try to outsmart your tactics.
  3.  Embezzlers  rarely come to police attention, yet one in ten churches have had financial fraud. Learn where embezzlers find it easiest to steal from your church. See both old scams and new, high-tech tricks.

Many have sadly said, “It can’t happen here!”

Ten years ago, there was little need for this workshop. Now churches of all sizes deal with predators in their midst. Don’t let your people be hounded by a predator. Don’t let your church become another national news story.

Predators seek out churches that are easy targets for their criminal activity. The workshop gives ways to prevent and deter predators in your church.


12 Workshop Takeaways and Counting!

  1. Learn how church leadership teams should guard the gate.
  2. Understand the thinking patterns of sexual predators.
  3. See basic and advanced practices of child protection—take your church to the next level.
  4. Get started with a church safety team or take yours to the next level.
  5. Discover architectural insights to make your campus safer.
  6. Get tools to increase generosity to pay for campus renovations.
  7. Learn what a lender expects for a major campus security and renovation loan.
  8. Understand when to bring in outside experts and for what kinds of crises.
  9. Bring to your church new financial practices based on how embezzlers are currently stealing from churches.
  10. Ensure that your financial standards are up to national levels.
  11. Use the best tools to track volunteers and screening.
  12. Ponder the risk of church members who are currently carrying concealed weapons.

 Eight Principles of Wolf Thinking  Fletch will change your understanding of predators. Then give your church the best strategies and tactics to avert crime.

 Predators Are Smart  Yesterday’s plans may not be effective today. At the workshop learn new methods of prevention. Discover the predator in the case of WheatFields Good News Church. See real-life cases from recent stories in the national media.

 The Trauma Is Enormous  With a predator … Your people are spiritually and physically harmed. Your church’s reputation suffers in the local and national media. Your church faces lawsuits and months in legal hassles. You don’t want these things to happen to your church!

David Fletcher
Workshop Leader
Founder of XPastor

Attorney Gregory Love

“Why You Need to Watch”

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