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Few staff members feel they can be completely forthright with their superiors concerning “tough situations.” This puts church leadership in a jam. How can leaders know how staff are feeling about their pay, work pressures and problems on the job? Join Mike and Fletch for a penetrating discussion of church staff issues.

Predators in the Church
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Predators are in churches of all sizes

 Active Shooters  have never been more active. Enhance your first lines of awareness and building security.

 Child Sexual Predators  are in your church. Discover tactics for prevention and how predators will try to outsmart you.

 Embezzlers  are in one in ten churches. Learn where embezzlers find it easiest to steal from your church.

Deter predators in your church.
Don’t be another victim or a story in the national press.

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Join Fletch and others for a direct discussion that is gentle, nuanced and impactful.

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Shooting for the Top … Almost

By |April 24th, 2019|

I believe in the Executive Pastor position to my core. There is tremendous value that an Executive Pastor can offer a church. God has been preparing me for this role my entire life and [...]

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From around the globe, people tune in on Fletch’s warm and sound advice. Your question will get a personal reply from Fletch.

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Whether you are a new XP, considering the role or want to refresh your skills, XP Boot Camp is a place to get in shape. The target for this course are the five fundamentals of being an Executive Pastor.  This course also includes two uses of the XP-Indicator—one for you and another for your Senior Pastor to take on you. All classes will be taught by Fletch in a live, online video format. All classes are recorded for viewing at any time.

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Salary and church compensation mistakes are all too common. Fletch has seen easily avoidable mistakes more times than he can count during his 18 years of being an executive pastor, as well as consulting with churches around the nation.

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Get 8 courses! This includes 5 courses in Operations, 2 courses in Ministry Strategy and all 8 videos in the Smart Money for Church Salaries series. That’s 82 class sessions with scores of guest lecturers. Audit the courses or do the assignments for XPastor certification. This bundle also includes:

  • Fletch’s book, Smart Money for Church Salaries
  • Fletch’s book, People Patterns
  • One use of the XP-Indicator
  • A year of using the Compensation Survey
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