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“Hey Fletch”

From around the globe, people tune in on Fletch’s warm and sound advice. He’s a friend and “church doctor,” bringing an objective perspective, broad knowledge and vast experience. Your question will get a personal reply from Fletch.
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Wife Sees Me Differently Than I See Myself

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Hey Fletch … I have taken the XP-Indicator on XPastor. The results really seemed to fit me. I like it so much that I paid for my wife to also take it on how she saw me. The problem arose that she sees me differently that […]

Oops, Needed a Bonfire Permit

Friday, January 18, 2019

Hey Fletch … One of our youth pastors asked his campus pastor if he could have a bonfire at an event on their campus. The campus pastor granted permission. Neither of them realized there is a law that requires them to get a burn permit from the […]

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Sexual Abuse Risk and Record Retention

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Every child-serving organization is responsible for the protection of children in its care. To discharge that responsibility, the organization should take reasonable steps to create an effective safety system that prevents child sexual abuse. [...]

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