One of the challenges that churches continually face is that we build sporadically. Dealing with architects, designers and builders happens from time-to-time. This means that XPs and church leaders must relearn the language of architecture with each new building. For example, if you built your last building fifteen years ago, you knew the status of building design fifteen years ago … but you may not know what is current in trends, materials or styles.

As a board member of Visioneering Studios, I get a regular glimpse into the “latest and greatest” in the world of envision, design and build. As I saw the following video, I realized that Visioneering is asking the right type of questions for churches. Regardless of your architect, designer or builder, you need to consider the questions that they raise:

Here are three starter questions:

  • Is our building going to be a three dimensional sermon?
  • Does our campus tell the story of our church? Our DNA?
  • How does our church reflect the unique needs of our local community?