David Fletcher asked Paul Sewell to lead a presentation on Financing Your Building at a conference. At the bottom of this page is a copy of the PowerPoint presentation, complete with graphics. The presentation includes drawings of the intended project and a photo of the completed building. Also included is a overview of the proceedings and a discussion of the steps taken in deciding a lender for the project.

Project Overview

  • Phase 2 of Master Plan
  • Worship Center
  • Children’s Wing
  • Music Suite
  • 55,000 square feet
  • Moved in December 2006
  • Total Project Cost $ 9.5 million
  • Cash available $ 2.0 million

Approaching Lenders

  • Faith vs. Risk
  • Selling Your Church
    • Highlighting Your Strengths
    • Mitigating Your Weaknesses
  • Preparing a Request for Proposal
    • Cover Letter
    • Total Project Budget
    • Building Presentation Booklet
    • Master Plan
    • Project Schedule
    • 3 Years of Financial Reports
  • Responding to Questionnaires

Selecting a Lender

  • Negotiating
  • Creating a Decision Matrix
  • Considering Relationship

Staying on Budget

  • Key Question:  Who is going to manage the project?
    • The Architect
    • The Church
    • The Project Manager

View the original PowerPoint and see the building pictures in the PDF:  Financing Your Building