XPastor tries to help churches by providing some of the essentials for running a church—items like job descriptions, employment applications, review forms and church policies. Below is an example of a Construction Manager at Risk Request for Proposal, in case your church is moving toward building a new structure.

Construction Manager at Risk Services for Construction of a

[47,000] square foot [Sanctuary and Foyer] with associated site work.

[Church name] of [Austin, Texas] is soliciting proposals for services for the construction of a 47,000 sq. foot [Sanctuary] with associated site work on the existing property located [address] in [Austin.]

The selection process will be by review and evaluation of written proposals outlining the firm’s qualifications. A short-list of three finalists will be made by the Building Committee on [August 4, 2007]. Following selection of the short-list by the Building Committee, interviews will be held on [August 11, 2007] at the church at [address]. Upon the selection of the short-listed, we will contact each firm to establish interview times, at [10:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.]

A modified AIA Construction Management contract and fees for service will be negotiated by the Building Committee. Final approval and signature of the contract will be made by a congregational vote scheduled for [Sunday, August 22, 2007.]

Scope of Work

Site Work: The proposed work associated with this proposal will include the construction of approximately 12 parking spaces and associated drives, plus required landscaping.

Buildings: Currently, the site is developed with a [multi-purpose worship center and Christian education building, an administration building and parking for approximately 770.]

The new [Sanctuary] will be able to seat [approximately 1,430 people on the sloped first floor level, with another 660 seats in the balcony.] The exterior will consist of [stone and brick veneer,] with [flat roofs and standing seam metal roofs.] It includes [foyer spaces, restroom facilities, mechanical rooms, and rehearsal rooms.]

Basis for Construction Manager at Risk Selection

The Building Committee will not select a construction manager solely upon the basis of fee. Experience, credentials, size, work load, religious building experience, fee, and other items noted in the proposal will all be given weight during the selection process.

Special Considerations

Following the short-list interviews and the selection of the CM at Risk by the Building Committee, the recommended firm will be submitted to the congregation for a vote of approval. The date of this selection and approval will be [Sunday, August 22, 2007.]

The architectural firm for the project, [Jackson Galloway Associates, PLLC,] will also be involved in the CM at Risk selection process as a non-voting participant. The other Design Team members have yet to be determined. ABC (Structural Engineers), ABC (MEP Engineers), ABC (Civil Engineers) and ABC (Landscape Architects.)

The contract to be used will be the modified AIA Construction Management edition where the Construction Manager is the Constructor. Both Pre-Construction and Construction services will be required. There will be a Guaranteed Maximum Price. A sales tax exemption number will be furnished by the church. A 10% retainage will be included in the contractual methods of payment. The church will reserve the right to complete the Pre-Construction Phase services and pursue Construction services through alternative agreements with others as they may wish.

_____________ of Austin will own all drawings, plans, and promotional materials throughout all stages of the project.

During the Construction Phase, the church’s Owner Representative and Project Coordinator will be __________. The coordinator will be the person through whom all decisions by the church will be communicated.

Budgetary/Cost Factors

Fundraising for the project has not been completed. Fundraising is planned for [May of 2014.] It is desired that groundbreaking for the project occur around [September 2014], with completion by [November of 2015.] The architects have estimated the total construction cost of the project to be $7,500,000-$8,500,000 depending on the finalized scope of work.

Response to Request for Proposal

The _________________ Church is planning to construct a new campus as described above. In order to assist the Design Team with price estimates and building system selection, the Building Committee will soon begin the selection of a Construction Manager at Risk. To assist in this selection, the Building Committee requests that you submit the following information for the evaluation of your firm’s qualifications.

1. Basic Information

Please provide firm name, business address, telephone and fax numbers, email addresses, contact person, and type of organization (individual or sole proprietorship, professional corporation/ association, corporation, or partnership).

2. Experience of Your Construction Company

Provide a brief resume of a minimum of three (3) most similar projects that your firm has completed during the past five years. Provide references stating contact name and telephone number. Please note that experience in the construction of church facilities is preferred. Also provide resume information on the principals, team members, and employees who will likely be directly involved in the project. Describe your experience with Cost+Fee/GMP projects, Original GMP, Final GMP, and savings to Owner.

3. Credentials

The firm and/or principal professionals involved in this project must possess the appropriate Texas professional licenses.

4. Size

Provide the total number of professionals and para-professionals that make up your organization, and their tenure with the firm.

5. Work Completed Regionally

Provide a brief description of projects accomplished by the firm in Central Texas and the total construction costs for each project. Also, please provide for each project the associated costs per square foot for construction.

6. Affiliations

If the project is to be accomplished through an affiliation or joint venture of several firms, the names and addresses of those firms, office locations, and the above-requested information should be furnished for each.

7. Staff and Management

The names, resumes and credentials of management personnel and key staff likely to be involved in the project should be provided. Specific experiences of the Project Manager and the Superintendent in similar types and scales of projects must be submitted.

8. Church Familiarity

Provide a statement as to resources that would be utilized, and the degree of the firm’s knowledge and familiarity with church projects of similar size and type.

9. Present Work Load

Provide an enumeration of the firm and/or team’s present or anticipated workload, and a schedule indicating the firm’s capability to accomplish the project. Identify the level of time commitment that the church can expect and the principle staff to be dedicated to this project.

10. Safety

Describe your safety processes, personnel and results. What is your workers’ compensation modifier rate?

11. Cost/Budget Adherence

Provide indications of past projects accomplished by the firm or team to substantiate the firm’s ability to adhere to budget and cost estimates.

12. Schedule Adherence

Provide information of past projects accomplished by the firm or team to substantiate the firm’s ability to adhere to approved schedules.

13. Insurance Requirements

Provide indication of the firm’s ability to provide the required certificates of insurance.

14. Construction Excellence

Provide evidence of outstanding construction capability of similar type/size worship centers.

15. Financial Strength of the Company

Provide evidence of the firm’s ability to complete this project.

16. Construction Flexibility

We desire to form Construction Management at Risk arrangement with a Guaranteed Maximum Price negotiated before construction begins. We also want a guarantee of at least three (3) qualified sub-contractor bids per item in the construction project; but we certainly understand that the contractor has the freedom to choose the sub-contractor he wants to use as long as the guaranteed maximum price is acceptable. List experience you have had with this type of arrangement and whether you are willing to accept the project under these conditions. Describe any shared savings incentive or arrangement with the church that you would propose for the project. Owner will reserve the right to hire special contractors (i.e. Audio-Visual, etc.)

17. Fee

Please indicate your construction fee and how is it determined. What would be the fee arrangement during the Pre-Construction phase of the project? Separate the proposed overhead/profit and general conditions. Also, please enumerate those items, which make up the general conditions. Are there additional costs not included in the fee? Would there be a contingency amount built into your guaranteed maximum price? How is the contingency calculated and under what conditions would it be spent?

18. Other

List other factors, if any, which would indicate the firm or team has the necessary capability, competence, and performance record to accomplish the project in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Submittal and Designated Contact

All responses to this RFP should be addressed to the attention of ______________ and be received in the offices of [Jackson Galloway Associates, PLLC, 2705 Bee Cave Road, Ste. 113, Austin, TX 78746, 512-474-8085] on or before Tuesday, [date] at or before [3:00 p.m.]

Please submit seven (7) copies of your proposal so that select members of the Building Committee and the Architect can better evaluate your firm’s qualifications.

All questions regarding this request for proposal may be directed to:

Mr. John Jackson, AIA

Jackson Galloway Associates, PLLC

2705 Bee Cave Rd.

Austin, Texas 78746

Phone: (512) 474-8085

Fax:   (512) 474-9820

Email address: [email protected]

Please contact only designated person named above.

Do not call or solicit Building Committee members.


Find the following for your use to assist in your proposal:

  • Schematic Site Plan
  • Schematic Floor Plans
  • Schematic Elevations
  • Proposed Project Schedule
  • Proposed Project Budget

(Note: Attachments note included in the web posting)