In this video, David Fletcher talks with Dave Milam and Bob Bergmann from Visioneering Studios. Milam and Bergmann share insights on renovating a church campus. Bob uses a sketch pad while Dave brings before-and-after photos. The process shows how two churches renovated their campuses. In each case, safety was enhanced and ministry extended. Watch how two churches dramatically renovated their campuses and improved many safety concerns.

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Visioneering Studios is the only nationally-licensed, faith-based design-build firm that specializes in commercial, nonprofit and worship environments. Visioneering is not just developers, designers, architects, and builders—they are storytellers. They come alongside partners, who lead movements and organizations that have unique stories crafted by a unique people, place, and passion, to be trusted stewards of their story and space.

Visioneering’s beliefs positively impact the relational nature and integrity of their work. Visioneering Studios’ “look to launch” services include: Real Estate and Development Advisory Services (Visioneering Studios Real Estate), Master Planning, Architecture and Interior Design (Visioneering Studios Architecture), National Construction and Construction Services (Visioneering Studios Construction).

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About the Speakers

Bob Bergmann has designed churches, buildings, resorts and theme parks around the world. He first served as the Principal Designer at AECOM, the world’s largest A&E firm. This opened the door for design work with Disney, Universal, Warner Bros, and international resorts. While at AECOM, he used vacation time to design and build on the mission field.

In 2002, Bob became the first designer at Visioneering. His dream of combining art, science and theology came together. Visioneering Studios believes that the church is the best tool for the redemption of people and places. Bob is grateful to lead the design team in this meaningful venture.

Dave Milam is a visioneer, strategist and visual storyteller. His right-brained style of delivery helps his listener connect in a uniquely immersive way. As a member of the Visioneering Studios team, Dave equips leaders by leveraging art and science to launch inspired vision into reality.

Dave is the founding Pastor of One Life Church in Concord, North Carolina. In 2016, he released the book entitled Ten Count: True Stories of Defeat and Triumph Among Today’s Christian Leaders.