What challenges do churches face when they launch a new site in a rented space? Why do some churches actually leave their permanent building to move into rented spaces in neighborhoods? What are the best practices for the portable multisite church? These questions are answered in a new video/audio podcast series entitled, The Portable Multisite Church Podcast Series—a free resource underwritten by Portable Church Industries.

There have been many books written about multisite, but none explore the challenges and opportunities portable spaces provide. Each podcast is an interview with a current multisite church that has launched at least one campus in a rented space. They share experiences, lessons learned, tips, and actionable advice.

For example, one of the podcasts is an interview with Pastor Stephen Trammell from Champion Forest Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. In it, he shares the process the church used to get commitments from congregants to attend their new North Campus.

Stephen shares,

We were processing that vision and, of course this starts with our Senior Pastor and executive team. We then shared the vision with our staff for buy-in, to help them see the big picture of going multisite. We had to educate our team on the multisite strategy since it was new to us; we had never done it. It started there; then it went into the congregation where we started helping them dream about going multisite. What if we launched a North Campus? We would have videos explaining the vision and, in the process, we would ask the question, ‘Is God calling you to go north?’

So that was just in worship and video form and personal connection with our church family. Then we had two meetings that anyone could come to that were informational meetings about the North Campus, asking, ‘What would it be like if my family made a commitment to go north? What would our lives look like? What would change? How would we stay connected to the main campus?’

So we worked through all of that and then we had an orientation, for those who were fully committed to go. We pulled them together to give them an orientation on ‘here’s how we do multisite.’ Portable Church came in and had a training day; one week later, we launched.