Recently a church leader noticed an old sign in the parking lot which said “towing enforced.” That was the first sign that a visitor saw upon entering the property! This webinar will explore similar issues about what your church facility says to newcomers and regular attenders. Bruce Woody and Mark Ashcraft are leading architects in the nation, helping countless of churches from coast to coast. They and Fletch will explore both the obvious and the not-so-obvious elements of church buildings. This webinar has before and after photos of four projects … a picture is worth a 1,000 words.

Bruce Woody is the President and CEO @HH Architects. Bruce shares from HH Architects’s credo, “We Believe, We Serve, We Create.” Based in Dallas, this architecture and planning firm has done work around the country. This award winning firm has a commitment to quality and thorough understanding of planning for growth. It has attracted a wide range of clients with needs on both a small and large scale. For 48 years, they have provided Architectural, Interior Design, Strategic Positioning and Master Planning services to clients ranging from churches to municipal entities to schools to corporate buildings. They approach projects from the client’s perspective. Building upon your image and identity, they strive for creative solutions that meet the project’s scope, schedule, and budget. They have developed an expertise in designing to a highly complex set of requirements and constraints, and through this process, they provide the facility that meets and exceeds all of the owner’s expect.

Mark Ashcraft is the Senior Associate @HH Architects. Mark serves as the Creative Director for the firm and has been blessed to work with many ministries during his 18 year tenure. He is passionate about sharing the strategic thinking behind faith-based design, how it shapes the user experience, and the importance of being ministry driven in those efforts.

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