February 2, 2018

Hey Fletch … We need some über-techs for a short project. Are there super-users or trainers on the following platforms that we could pay to write a key stroke script? The platforms are Shelby Arena, Shelby Next, Shelby V5, ACS, Elexio or Planning Center. We will pay good money for the work and need your help.

DRF—I’m not aware of any ‘public’ internet boards to post this need. It doesn’t fit the XPastor Job Boards which are for full-time jobs. I did forward it to my secret cadre of tech wizards who have a ‘private’ network. As you are going to create scripts on as many platforms as possible, you may need different specialists. Many churches also have this need on a project-by-project basis.

The ‘Hey Fletch’ column never prints names or locations. If a reader knows an über-tech, they can contact me through the green button—lower right screen.