Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Hey Fletch … I’ve been posting some of my articles on social media. Out of the blue, Facebook blocked my account. They said that the content was inappropriate by their standards. This sounds a lot like Facebook blocking free speech of Christians. Thoughts?

DRF—Facebook can be mercurial in their content blocking. A while back, some of XPastor’s posts were blocked for the same reason. The articles were typical XPastor items about life in the church and happened twice in a two-week span of time. Some word in the articles—or perhaps the XPastor title—tripped their sensor beacon.

What made the issue so challenging is that Facebook failed to reply to several emails using their specified landing pages.

Keep sending in emails to Facebook. Hopefully they will reply. You can also try to call them out on Twitter with a message. Use @Facebook in your tweet and explain the problem. Many large companies respond within the hour when they are cited in a tweet.