January 30, 2018

Hey Prof … I’m in XPastor’s class on Church Communication—Ops 102 and doing the assignment on church websites. Here are the criteria that I’m using to evaluate a usable website: Staff, Locations & Directions, Service Times, Service Recordings, Live Streaming, Contact Information, Statement of Faith, Social Media Links, Favicon, Search Capability, Events Calendar, Online Giving, Mobile Friendly (responsive or not), Search Engine Results, Updated Content and a Members Portal/App.

DRF—Those are fantastic criteria to evaluate a church website. Mama and Papa are looking for those things when they consider a visit to a church. For example, some churches seem to be embarrassed about their staff and have the pages hidden under obscure menu names or buried deep in the site.

Great work here! Church Communication—Ops 102 is helping you with a key item in the church, communications!