Deborah Ike is a regular author on, contributing some fantastic articles over the last few years. Based on her experience in helping churches and as a professional project manager, Deborah shares her approach to making the planning process simple, regardless of the size or type of event, in her Church Event Planning Toolkit.

Whatever church event you are planning next, this toolkit will help you create a successful and much less stressful experience for everyone involved. Included with the toolkit are several downloadable templates including the following:

  • Event Planning Questionnaire
  • Event Planning High-level Timeline
  • Event Planning Team Member Job Descriptions
  • Event Volunteer Job Descriptions
  • And more…

David previewed the book and said:

We just completed an event that had 15,000 people from the community at our church over three nights. Deborah Ike’s latest work, The Church Event Planning Toolkit, fits the mold for how we planned this enormous event. As we do more events, Deborah’s work will be invaluable.

Deborah Ike is the President and Founder of Velocity Ministry Management, dedicated to helping church leaders grow their church and create a life with healthy margins. In addition to serving in ministry, Deborah worked for an international consulting firm and a Fortune 500 company as a consultant, project manager, and risk management analyst. Deborah is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP)® through the Project Management Institute. She’s also authored books on volunteer and risk management for churches. Her website contains many free resources and articles with practical tips for church leaders.