Imagine seeing a new perspective on your church’s financial health. See your church in a readable, understandable and helpful format. This is a must for your next steps of your church.

The Generosity Workshop will be held on Thursday, February 20 from 2:00-4:30 pm., right before the XP-Seminar. This is the place to get a handle on your church’s financial health.

Brad Leeper

Brad Leeper will lead the workshop. He is the President and Principal at Generis, a team of coaches that accelerates generosity toward God-inspired vision. Brad works with churches across the country, and now internationally, to increase everyday church giving, project giving and legacy giving.

This workshop will give you plenty of data to work with, in an eminently understandable format. Generis is just releasing a diagnostic tool and is offering free use of it for the workshop. This includes a 3-page summary report. Plus, you can talk through your report at the workshop and receive more personalized discussion in person or by phone.

Get a numerical analysis of:

    • People giving above a strategic amount
    • Lapsed donors
    • Banding of key donation levels … and much more.


    • Must have Church Community Builder (other software platforms to follow).
    • Attend the Coaching Workshop before the XP-Seminar.
    • Data analysis needs to be begun 14 days before the XP-Seminar.

Get expert advice from national leaders! Enroll in The Generosity Workshop today!