Take Stock of Your Small Group Ministry

Do you spend a lot of time crafting vision, casting ministry values, and cultivating small group vehicles that you think will produce effective and thriving small groups, and help people grow into fully-devoted followers of Jesus? Of course you do.

But do you ever wonder …

  • How do we know if our small groups are actually accomplishing the vision we’ve laid out?
  • What really happens at the group member level? Do group members actually embody the values we champion as a church?
  • Do our group members really know why we do small groups the way we do? Do they value what we value?

If you’re asking these questions, my friend Dr. Ryan Hartwig, author of Teams That Thrive, an award-winning, research-based book on developing strong church leadership teams, and his colleagues have a research study that can help you find out.

Through your participation in this research study, you will not only learn valuable insights about small groups in your church and how they compare to others, but you’ll also help collect valuable data that will be used to help your church–and thousands of others–build healthy, thriving groups.

They’ve just opened up the study for Wave 2, but you must register by February 28.  To learn more about the study, watch this video!

Register your church at smallgroupstudy.info.

Do it fast, because you have to register your church by February 28.