Our friends at Christianity Today’s Church Law & Tax Team are conducting a 2019 Church Budget Priorities Survey. Your responses will help church leaders nationwide learn from each other about giving patterns and budgeting practices. The survey takes about 12-15 minutes to complete. Many questions can be answered quickly; some may require some brief research.

In appreciation of your time, upon completion of the survey you’ll be invited to choose one of three gifts:

  • The Essential Guide to Church Financial Health
  • A Life of Simplicity, or
  • Becoming a Generous Giver

At the conclusion of the survey, you’ll be directed to a web page where you can choose your gift.

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Consider what Matt Branaugh wrote in a recent article about budgets and this survey:

Each month we receive questions from church leaders like you. Many of these questions share a common theme. They go something like this: We’re a small church in Florida. We’re trying to figure out how our spending on personnel compares to other churches like us. Can you help?

The specifics to this question always vary. The state differs, as does the church’s size. And while the inquiry often involves personnel expenses, it also looks for insights into other budget topics, such as expenses for buildings, missions, or ministry programs, and processes for approval.

Differences aside, the sentiment is the same. Church leaders like you appreciate the ability to compare their churches’ budget situations to others.

While the practice of making such comparisons isn’t perfect—each church’s situation is unique—it can prove useful when done right. For this reason, Church Law & Tax has conducted its church budget priorities survey periodically since 1999. “Such comparisons can help leaders discern whether what they spend on things like salaries, facilities, ministry programs, and missions, are too much, too little, or just right,” as I noted back in 2014, the last time the survey was offered.

Click here to take the survey