Friday, April 27, 2018

Hey Fletch … Hi again! Been a couple years. Followed your advice. Finished my MBA. Started and currently running my own business. And this year began taking night courses for a Master of Divinity. Been networking a ton as well.

Can I be honest though? I’m really torn between the Lead Pastor and XP role. I’m gifted in teaching and vision, but not in shepherding, which makes me think I would suffer as a Lead Pastor. But then, I’m afraid that as an XP that I wouldn’t use those teaching/vision gifts that I fell compelled to use. Any way to sort this out? I know you’re busy! Thanks for any help or homework you can send my way.

DRF—Love hearing from you and your progress. That is fantastic. Volunteer to preach as much as you can. Teach in adult groups and kids groups. Develop that gift! If you are gifted there, then fan that flame.

As for not being a “shepherd,” I know many lead pastors who are teachers first, vision casters second. On stage they are warm and “shepherding,” but off stage it is a challenge for them. If you become a Lead Pastor, I recommend: hire a Care Pastor. Let them be the warm embrace to the congregation. There are many people who want to be Care Pastors … I could recommend 10 great Care Pastors for every 1 great XP or SP.  

Response—Thanks for the fast reply! I will certainly do that. As for a Care Pastor, that’s a great idea. I was thinking that my “thinking” nature would need to be counterbalanced by a “feeling” pastor. Based on your advice, am I right to assume that most XPs do not have the gift/desire to teach? Is that the main reason that SPs transition to XP?

DRF 2—It’ more a matter of time. Preaching every week, at least to do it well takes 20-25 hours of study, preparation and delivery time. There goes half the week! To be an XP takes another 25 hours of ministry strategy, planning, HR, Ops, Facilities, staff time, board time, etc.