January 26, 2018

Hey Fletch … What is the best way to convince a strong Senior Pastor of the necessity for creating an XP role at the church?

DRF—The answer is “complexity.” Strong Senior Pastors understand that! Churches of all sizes deal with complex budgets, the Affordable Care Act, ministry strategy, child safety, security to prevent an active shooter, hiring and termination, legal issues, staff culture, ministry best practices, etc. On “complexity” check out this interview I had with Matt Branaugh of Christianity Today. 

Dan Reiland wrote on XPastor, ‘Who Needs an Executive Pastor, Anyway?’ It is a short and to the point summary of the need. Dan wrote that in 2014. Due to ever increasing “complexity,” in 2018 we are now see the role in ⅔ of churches with between 500-1000 people in worship. I’m still boggled at that statistic. Ask your Senior Pastor how “complexity” has affected your church.