Thursday, March 28, 2019

Hey Fletch … Good afternoon, I am interviewing for an XP role in a church in another city in Europe. I am part of the shortlist of 3 people. Can you suggest some answers to prepare?

DRF—Congratulations on being on the shortlist for interviews! That is exciting and could be a great next step for you in ministry. I’m always excited to hear about XPs in Europe! At XPastor events, we have had folks from Ireland, South Africa, Korea, Hong Kong, just to name a few countries. People from all over the world utilize the XPastor website.

Here are some thoughts for your interview:

  • Be ready to talk about your strengths and limitations. Talking about “your strengths” is not bragging when done in the context of “God has given me these abilities to serve Him.” Know your limitations and how you will compensate for them. Even Superman had kryptonite! The problem is not in having limitations, but when people don’t know that they have them. Some XPs are stronger as pastors and others as executives. Gather a team of talented folks around you to bolster your areas of limitations.
  • Churches want to know what you can do for them. Be ready to talk about your experiences in various areas. Have a short list of 4-8 key stories that demonstrate your ability to “do the job.” Stories are powerful and memorable. They bring perspective and allow for sharing the complexities of ministry.
  • Carefully review the job description, the church’s website and any history that you can gather. Review the church’s constitution and by-laws. Get any budget information that you can, as well as job descriptions of staff and volunteers. Become an expert on this congregation.

These are broad areas and will allow you to drill down into specific areas. Let me know how the interview goes!