Ever wonder who is helping XPs around the nation? Coaching and consulting are great ways to get an external perspective from someone who has vast experience. Here is a roundup of some the leading XP experts in the nation. Whoever you use, ensure that you connect with the leader and that there is good chemistry.

XP Coaching Network

Vanderbloemen’s VP of Consulting (and former XP of Granger Community Church) Tim Stevens is hosting the Executive Pastor Coaching Network this fall in Houston, Texas.

Get six days of customized, premium, roundtable XP coaching from today’s top leaders including Tim Stevens, William Vanderbloemen, Dave Travis, and Marnie Crumpler.

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Kevin Stone
Executive Pastor Online

Kevin says: “I have a passion for the church and what Jesus is calling us to do through it. I work with other church leaders on growth strategies, infrastructure development, planning, and just about anything else you would expect from a “business guy” turned resource for church leaders.”

“My consulting services range from coaching new executive pastors to partnering with church staff to create and implement strategic plans and related infrastructure that enables the church to better accomplish its mission. Kevin Stone is the XP of Christ’s Church of the Valley.”

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Compensation Audit

A compensation audit looks at the salaries and classifications of all church employees. It evaluates local and national pay scales. A four-quadrant grid is created for each level of employee—minimum and maximum pay.

A Big Burrito salary spreadsheet is created with the total cost of each employee. The ministerial housing allowance form is reviewed, a place where lots of money is often left unused on the table.

The result is a 25+ page report that gives you a complete overhaul of your compensation system.

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Leadership Audit

The XPastor Audit gives you strategic answers in one key executive area of your church. Typical reasons for an audit include:

  • New Executive Pastor—to help the new XP understand the scope of the challenge, strengths and areas that need attention. “He’s a great person but may be so new that he’s unaware of what he doesn’t know.”
  • Church Challenges—the need is akin to, “somewhere in the ministry we have a flat tire, but don’t know exactly where or what to do about it.” The pain may be palpable and flare up in financial, legal, HR, ministry strategy or staffing.
  • Strategic Improvement—your church is doing well and you want to take your ministry to the next level. This includes growth issues during a significant ministry expansion or building program. “Can our staff rise to the next level?”
  • Transitions—whether the Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor or other key leaders are in the midst of transition, the audit addresses current and upcoming issues. “How is our church going to handle the impending change in leadership?”

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Strategic Consulting

David Fletcher, Warren Schuh and Jon Wright have a wealth of experience in leading churches of all sizes. You can read about their various areas of expertise here.

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John Austin Helm
Social Media and Marketing

John Austin Helm helps consult churches on their marketing and social media strategies. Often times churches feel like a “boxer beating the air” when it comes to social media. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Instead, churches can cultivate and execute social media strategies that “strike a blow” that counts for those inside and outside the church.  John Austin Helm helps churches get it right by getting into the vision, DNA, and culture of your church and working with your team to generate a strategy that fits.

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