Monday, April 9, 2018

Hey Fletch … I am just working to word up some Key Selection Criteria and interview questions to present and get signed off so we can move to advertise the XP position. If you had a few moments to look and comment on the attached Position Description and Selection Criteria, I would value that. Hopefully we will sign off on this with any appropriate amendments on Wednesday this week to begin to advertise and fill the role ASAP.

DRF—I like the way you have described the document, Key Selection Criteria. It is both inclusive and sets your expectations for the role. I would suggest that you put percentages of time in the role description. You have five main areas:

Executive, Human Resources, Pastoral Care, Operations and Evaluation. Over the course of a year, should each of these areas get 20% of the XPs time? Or, will one area get 40%, another 20% and so on?

You will help your future XP by setting out priorities via setting percentages of time. These aren’t hard and fast rules, but guidelines. However, in a review, percentages of time is a great benchmark. Say that you wanted Pastoral Care to get 20% and in the review the new XP said, “I spend 60% of my time there.” Well, you have an issue to work through. Food for thought. Bon Appétit.