Saturday, October 20, 2018

Hey Fletch … The church decided to go with an XP from a really large church. So, I didn’t get the job. Do you have any thoughts for me as I’m stinging a bit?

DRF—Hang in there. The world hasn’t ended, yet. There is a sting when you were hoping to get a new job and it didn’t come through. Work through those stages of pain. God is abundantly present in our pain!

It seems that the person they chose has more qualifications than you do … at present. It may be that the church needed someone with the skills of a mega-church. Your skills are currently at a mid-sized church. You have a good set of skills and have lots of ministry ahead of you in your lifetime.

Keep working on your skills. Continue to apply for other open positions. Find a church that loves and appreciates the skills and experiences that you bring.