Thursday, January 3, 2019

Hey Fletch … I’m a new XP and struggling with this dichotomy of business and spiritual aspects of what I do. The rest of the pastors get to focus on ministry all the time and I’m now seeing my role as more complicated than that. Help!

DRF—Part of what you are feeling comes from a false disjuncture between the two areas. There is nothing less spiritual about keeping your church on a great financial, legal or fiduciary footing. If we really believe that “all of our work is done before God,” then it all has honor and need.

Come to the XP-Seminar in Dallas in February. There you can hear Carey Nieuwhof on “Spiritual Leadership” and Mike Batts on “Uncommon Financial Sense.” There will be many other speakers who show how the pastoral heart is needed with a business brain.