Video: Changes in the XP Role

Video: Changes in the XP Role

Oh, how the XP job has changed! Over the last decade or two, the role of the Executive Pastor has changed significantly. Once a more business role, the position seems to have developed into something that varies from church to church.

On the following video, Todd Rhoades and Matt Steen discussed how the role has evolved. They talk about the three main types of XP that David Fletcher of XPastor sees (read David’s article here).

How does your church define the role of the XP?

The title “Executive Pastor” covers a pretty broad range of job functions in the church today. According to David Fletcher, the job typically falls into one of three categories:

  • Overseer of Operations
  • The Ministry Strategist
  • The Second-in-Command

In this video, they discuss the evolution of the role, how it functions in the church today, and what churches need in the days to come.

How does your church define the role of Executive Pastor?

Watch the video of Matt & Todd’s discussion …

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About the Author:

Matt Steen
After interning at a mega church in the northeast suburbs of Atlanta, Matt went on to serve a mid-size church in the New York City Metro area. After years of serving as a youth pastor and leading ministries serving age 29 down to infants, he served as the executive pastor at a church plant in Baltimore, helping to establish relationships with the communities that it served, developing the structures and processes needed for a church to function, and developing the teams needed to accomplish the vision. Recently Matt started Church Simple as a way to help churches better pursue their vision by helping them implement the strategies that they need to be successful. By acting as a Church Concierge, he becomes a confidante, connector, and consultant to church leaders, and planters, hearing their stories, passion, and challenges, and helping them to thrive in their ministry calling.