February 9, 2018

Hey Fletch … Some of our junior staff are terrible at responding to emails. They say, “our generation likes texts.” One staff member took a month to get me his annual review.

DRF—Well, you could see how fast they respond to an email about a possible raise … milliseconds perhaps? Consider that if they are not responding to you, how will a parent feel about an youth group emergency. Email is the primary means of business communication. Use texts for quick communication. You need to do training on email and text etiquette with your staff.

Here are some of my rules for staff. 1) All emails get a response within one business day. 2) Responses can be as brief as “I got it and will get back to you soon.” 3) When people don’t respond to emails, I remind them that they may not be getting a paycheck either. 4) When you go to bed with an empty inbox, you sleep better.