Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Hey Fletch … I used this XPastor.org article for doing research on a plan for our church: ‘Emergency Preparedness For Churches.’ Can you expand on the ideas?

DRF—This is a hot topic right now. I so enjoy the perspective of the two brothers who wrote the article. One was an FBI agent and became a Police Captain. The other is a Police Lieutenant. This is an insider’s view of the issues.

You may want to check out Brotherhood Mutual’s book: The Church Safety & Security Guidebook. Among other things, it covers an active shooter, domestic disputes, a missing child, medical emergencies and severe weather threats.

The key is to plan in advance. You need to designate who will communicate in an emergency, who will call the authorities, and how to assemble an emergency response team.

Pray and seek God’s wisdom in what you do!