XPastor tries to help churches by providing some of the essentials for running a church—items like job descriptions, employment applications, review forms and policies. Below are the Church Art in Ministry Procedures of Northwest Bible Church in Dallas, Texas.

The Art in Ministry Committee (AIM) shall be made up of church members gifted in design, decoration and furnishing of sacred space. Inasmuch as a church facility must foster worship and inspire all to holiness and evangelism, the members of the AIM Committee will be people with understanding of the unique role which interior design and the decorative arts play in a liturgical setting. Members must have been invited by the committee and approved by the Elders.


  • Report to and seek guidance and financial approval from the Elder Board or staff.
  • Familiarize itself with the grounds, buildings, furnishings and artwork throughout the church complex to determine all needs.
  • Work with the Elders to formulate policies and procedures with regards to accepting and/or rejecting proposed gifts of furnishings and artwork.
  • Recommend policies and procedures concerning property aesthetics to existing and future committees or directors responsible for operation, maintenance and expansion of the church buildings and campus.
  • Seek the expertise of the church staff and members, as well as outside consultants, whenever there are special needs beyond the scope of the committee members (i.e. acoustical, audio-visual or architectural/engineering design work).
  • Approve any and all changes to color, design or décor prior to any initiation of such desired changes to the church property.
  • Determine when to relocate or no longer use furnishings and artwork.
  • Approve the use of any artificial or dried floral arrangements and/or plants other than those used in private offices.
  • Approve all temporary and permanent displays of artwork.
  • Maintain a long range priority list of desired changes and additions to the church property subject to AIM and the Elders monitoring. This list can be publicized, and approved items on it may be underwritten by designated giving without further approval from the Elders.
  • Purchase and install art for specific locations on campus as the budget allows.
  • Record and catalog all art purchased or donated. Keep a record of its current location.
  • Maintain a storage room for art which is to be moved or installed.

Acceptance or Rejection of Donations, Gifts, Furnishings and/or Artwork

The Art in Ministry Committee (AIM) has the right to accept or reject any such item offered to the church which is to be located on church property.

No one member of the AIM has the authority to accept or reject any such item without the approval of the majority of its members.

Any such item only partially given, requiring some expenditure on the committee’s part, will be accepted based on the committee’s desire, need and/or ability to pay for them.

The use of gifts requiring further costs not paid for by the donor (i.e. special casing, additional lighting, framing) might be delayed due to budget restraints.

Gifts cannot be received by the church with contracts or stipulations concerning use, display, location or resale. Once an item has been given to the church, the church has full ownership rights.

The church cannot guarantee the security of any item or assume responsibility for damage to any item that has been given or loaned.

AIM is responsible for appropriate acknowledgments and letters of appreciation for items donated to the church.

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