XPastor tries to help churches by providing some of the essentials for running a church—items like job descriptions, employment applications, review forms and Policies. Below is the Cardiac Emergency Response Plan of Old North Church in Canfield, Ohio.


The time that passes from the initial lapse until defibulation is very critical with regards to the survival of any individual experiencing such a medical emergency. With this in mind, Old North Church has strategically placed two AEDs in the church which may be used by trained persons in order to preserve life and prevent deterioration until EMS (Emergency Medical Services) arrives, should a potential life-threatening situation (i.e. cardiac/respiratory arrest) occur. Since Old North Church is not a medical facility and employs no medical staff, no other medical management (i.e. oxygen, pharmaceuticals, first-aid) has been provided.

Old North Church Cardiac Emergency Response

  1. Two AEDs are available in the church—one just outside the Ushers Closet located on the left-hand side of the Worship Center Hallway when exiting the Worship Center, and one directly behind the Firehouse Ministry/Information desk near the entrance of the Family Life Center Gymnasium. The AEDs are labeled for quick and easy identification.
  2. CPR-trained persons may access the AEDs in the event of a cardiac emergency. That person should direct others nearby to assist by calling 9-1-1, providing CPR, retrieving an AED, or reporting to the parking lot to await and direct EMS to the emergency site.
  3. The congregation will be informed of these plans by publicizing via Compass bulletin, the church website and verbal announcements.
  4. For non-life threatening emergencies, an usher or church staffperson will be the point of contact for locating and requesting assistance from a medically-trained person in the congregation.
  5. Sunday mornings will be staffed with a rotating group of medical emergency responders.

Automated External Defibulator (AED) Action Plan

  1. A possible cardiac arrest or medical emergency is recognized:
    1. Access the nearest AED.
    2. Call 9-1-1.
    3. Send Personnel (any available staffperson or bystander), if possible, to wait outside and flag down EMS and escort EMS to the patient.
  2. AED is administered to patient:
    1. Establish that the victim is unresponsive.
    2. Use the AED if the victim is unresponsive.
    3. Perform life support measures (CPR, rescue breathing)
  3. Give a verbal description/account of the incident to the EMS upon arrival.

After EMS Have Taken Control of the Situation …

  1. Restock supplies for AED
  2. Complete a written report of AED use.
  3. Submit a copy of this report to the EMS Agency, keeping a copy for Old North Church.
  4. After use, if AED battery reads low, contact the Canfield Fire Department.

AED Maintenance Plan

  1. All facility Automated External Defibulators (AEDs) will be checked quarterly by the Canfield Fire Department under the supervision of the Building Administrator. If any problems are detected with the AED, this person will notify the Church Administrator, who is responsible for making the staff aware of the malfunctioning AED and ensuring that the problem is corrected.
  2. The Building Administrator will ensure that all forms and supplies which were provided with the AED are present and well-maintained. These include:
    • AED
    • Gloves/scissors
    • Battery
    • Adult/pediatric pads
    • CPR Mask

CPR Training Plan:  Certain members of the church staff will be asked to remain current on CPR, with classes being offered periodically to the congregation. These staff persons, as well as any others taking CPR classes at the church, will be informed of:

  • Location of AEDs
  • Review of AED (hands-on), including CPR masks and gloves
  • Review of Old North Church Emergency Response Plan
  • Review of forms (AED Use Report)

Emergency Medical Contacts

  • Deputy Fire Chief, Canfield Fire Department

Church Staff Contacts

  • Building Maintenance Coordinator
  • Building Administrator
  • Church Administrator

Church/Support Staff with CPR/AED Training

  • Family and Student Ministries Pastor
  • Children’s Pastor