February 14, 2018

Hey Doc … This is a big one. I have some obligations next week at church and they can’t be moved. But now I just received an exciting out-of-town invitation with an important person in our church. What should I do?

DRF—Jesus said, “ἔστω δὲ ὁ λόγος ὑμῶν ναὶ ναί, οὒ οὔ.” I’m giving you Matthew 5:37 in Greek because the truth it is like a foreign truth to us. The translation is: “Let your ‘yes’ be ‘yes’ and your ‘no,’ ‘no.’” If you have made obligations, and can’t in good conscience cancel them, then you must keep them. Tell the “important person” that your ‘yes’ is a ‘yes,’ that you gave your word. Psalm 15:4 says, “He makes firm commitments and does not renege on his promise” or in the NIV, “who keeps an oath even when it hurts.” NET Bible®

It hurts to not do the exciting thing. It will hurt you more to dishonor your commitments. The right kind of people will see that you honor your word. They will want to hang out with you and extend more invitations in the future.