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“Put away those ‘strengths only’ assessments. If you really want to understand yourself (and others) you need the full picture. In People Patterns, David Fletcher paints us as we truly are—an intriguing mix of strengths AND challenges. Got conflict? Why? People Patterns goes far beyond standard indicators. It not only identifies your personal strengths and challenges, but explains how they relate to others. It allows you to decode relationships and understand your team in a new way. Why is it that we instantly click with some people and never get along with others? People Patterns simplifies complex relational dynamics. It gives us insights into others and how to be successful with them. Other indicators focus only on your positives. People Patterns focuses on the entire picture—both your positives and your challenges. It made me to think more holistically about myself and about how I fit my organization.”

Rob Cizek
Executive Pastor, Northshore Christian Church, Everett, Washington and Emmy award-winning Newsroom Director

“While Scripture never commands us to minister in and through teams, it leaves us with tons of examples of those who did such as Jesus and the apostles, and Paul and the various teams he led in Acts. However, working together in teams isn’t simple. It takes much hard work just in keeping people together. And we need all the help we can get, especially in the areas of knowing our strengths and weaknesses. This is where David Fletcher enters the picture. He has written People Patterns that will help us monumentally to get a handle on this vital-to-ministry topic. This is a ‘can’t miss’ book that you and your ministry teams—even your families—need to master to get the best for the Savior from your various ministry teams.”

Aubrey Malphurs, Ph.D.
Founder, The Malphurs Consulting Group, Professor of Leadership and Pastoral Ministries, Dallas Seminary and author of Advanced Strategic Planning: A New Model for Church and Ministry LeadersBeing Leaders: The Nature of Authentic Christian Leadership and more than 20 other books

“When it comes to local church leaders, David Fletcher is one of the best! His book People Patterns is a practical tool and full of insight that leads to a greater understanding and development of people. If you want to grow or help others grow, you need to read this book!”

Dan Reiland
Executive Pastor, 12Stone Church and author of Amplified Leadership

“David Fletcher and I have worked together on many ministries and projects, including church administration. We strongly agree that the assumption that all people should agree about doing the same things is misguided. People experience failure and frustration over disagreements about standards, budgets, goals, flexibility, and a plethora of other pressure points. People Patterns brings together research and experience in pointing people toward their pattern and to more fulfilling relationships at home and in ministry. I enthusiastically recommend it to you.”

Lanier Burns, Ph.D.
Research Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary and author of The Nearness of God: His Presence with His People

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