Thursday, April 11, 3:00 pm (Central Time)

A primary issue is defining the difference between vision, strategy and tactics. Then it must be determined which of these is your flying zone and who flies in the other areas. What questions are you asking? How can you influence those who fly in other areas? The answers will shape your church culture, direction and effectiveness.

Examples of Vision

    • Worship, Disciple, Send. Poor—not contextualized but what all churches should do.
    • A Church on Every Hill. Poor—too big; only God can do that.
    • Reaching our City—okay, generic.
    • A Church on Ten Hills in Ten Years. Good—beyond easy comprehension yet doable. Strategy—Take Hill #1 this year and Hill #2 next year. Tactics—25 steps to take Hill #1 this year, which may be different from Hill #2.

Over five years, vision that is applied in effective strategy and tactics becomes the DNA of your church. Vision without strategy and tactics is “hot air from the preacher.”

Key Questions

What is the stated vision of your church? What is the actual vision? What is the vision that your budget presents? What vision do your people want? What vision do your staff want? What vision do your staff have for the church?

Required Reading

Recommended Reading