Books Recommended in 2010

///Books Recommended in 2010

Books Recommended in 2010

The following titles are books that we had available to the attenders of the 2010 XP-Seminar … we always give two books to each attendee of the seminar. We provide the list now as suggested books for church leaders to read—for enrichment of yourself or your staff.


Advanced Strategic Planning: A New Model for Church and Ministry Leaders

by Aubrey Malphurs

First published in 1999, Advanced Strategic Planning explained why planning was so important to carrying out the church’s mission. Now in its second edition, this practical resource offers a nine-step strategic thinking and acting model, useful ideas for developing a strategy, diagrams to help illustrate concepts and a new chapter on spiritual formation This updated edition places a stronger emphasis on disciplemaking and clarifies answers to nine fundamental ministry questions. The methods in this book are proven to work, having already helped many churches articulate their vision and implement their mission.


Being Leaders: The Nature of Authentic Christian Leaders

by Aubrey Malphurs

What makes a leader a Christian leader? Too many churches operate under secular leadership principles and strategies without considering what Scripture teaches. In this book, Malphurs articulates a working definition of Christian leadership based on the Bible and his own extensive research. He examines the leaders of the first-century church and then discusses qualities such as credibility, capability, and influence that are essential for successful leadership. Each chapter contains helpful questions for reflection and discussion. The appendix includes audits to help readers evaluate themselves on various leadership components.


Church Turned Inside Out: A Guide for Designers, Refiners and Re-Alligners

by Linda Bergquist and Allan Karr

A practical, creative guide for planting or redesigning a church and developing leaders. Written by two experienced church planters and mentors/ teachers,

Church Turned Inside Out offers church leaders a new way to think about how their churches are run. Taking cues from the world of
business and offering a multi-disciplined and leading-edge approach, the authors stress the importance of incorporating the design process when establishing a new church or planning the ongoing future of an established church. This groundbreaking book also includes ideas for becoming a more effective church leader.

  • Offers a practical perspective and a multi-disciplinary approach to establishing a new church or running an existing one
  • Includes important lessons for nurturing church leadership skills
  • Shows how to honor a church’s purpose while embracing its unique culture
  • Contains a wealth of illustrative models, examples, charts, and other visual aidesCrazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless GodBy Francis ChanChan, senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, Calif., offers a radical call for evangelicals to consider and emulate in this debut guide to living crazy for God. … Chan writes with infectious exuberance, challenging Christians to take the Bible seriously. He describes at length the sorry state of lukewarm Christians who strive for a life characterized by control, safety and an absence of suffering. In stark contrast, the book offers real-life accounts of believers who have given all—time, money, health, even their lives—in obedience to Christ’s call. Chan also recounts his own attempts to live crazy by significantly downsizing his home and giving away his resources to the poor. Earnest Christians will find valuable take-home lessons from Chan’s excellent book.


Deliberate Simplicity: How the Church Does More by Doing Less

by Dave Browning

Rejecting the “bigger is better” model of the complex, corporate megachurch, church innovator Dave Browning embraced deliberate simplicity. The result was Christ the King Community Church, International (CTK), an expanding multisite community church that Outreach magazine named among America’s Fastest Growing Churches and America’s Most Innovative Churches. In Deliberate Simplicity, Browning discusses the six elements of this streamlined model.


Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Unabashedly inspired by Malcolm Gladwell’s bestselling The Tipping Point, the authors offer an entertaining, practical guide to effective communication. Drawing extensively on psychosocial studies on memory, emotion and motivation, their study is couched in terms of “stickiness”—that is, the art of making ideas unforgettable. What makes some stories memorable and ensures their spread around the globe? The authors credit six key principles: simplicity, unexpectedness, concreteness, credibility, emotions and stories. They illustrate these principles with a host of stories, some familiar and others very funny Throughout the book, sidebars show how bland messages can be made intriguing. Fun to read and solidly researched, this book deserves a wide readership.


A Multi-Site Church Road Trip: Exploring the New Normal

by Geoff Surratt, Greg Ligon and Warren Bird

From multiple locations to internet campuses, the multi-site church movement is changing the shape of the church. What is this rapidly expanding phenomenon all about? A Multi-Site Church Roadtrip takes you on a tour of multi-site churches across America to see how they’re handling the opportunities and challenges raised by this dynamic organizational model. Travel with tour guides Surratt, Ligon, and Bird, authors of The Multi-Site Church Revolution, on their engaging and humorous journey that shows creative ways churches of all kinds are expanding their impact through multiple locations.


Power of Uniqueness: Why You Can’t Be Anything You Want to Be

by Arthur F. Miller and William D. Hendricks

Based on the idea that every person is endowed from birth with a unique pattern of competencies and motivations, or giftedness, this book describes your Motivated Abilities Pattern (MAP), which indicates your personal giftedness and encourages you to pursue your unique calling. You may function adequately at a job, even forge an impressive career–but unless what you do is lit by an inner fire, you’re just getting by. Miller invites you to explore concepts far different from anything you’ve ever read in a career development guide. Drawing on nearly 40 years’ experience analyzing the achievements of over 50,000 people, Miller uncovers a discovery about human nature that can literally change your life.


Relational Intelligence: How Leaders Can Expand Their Influence Through a New Way of Being Smart

by Steve Saccone

Relational Intelligence reveals how leaders can become smarter in the way they conduct their relationships, and as a result, catalyze their impact. This book unwraps the hidden power of a relational genius and the practical pursuits that contribute to increasing one’s relational quotient (RQ). Steve Saccone offers thought-provoking and compelling pathways into understanding the synergistic effect of relational intelligence, mission, and influence. He demonstrates how critical the art of relational intelligence is for leaders who desire to better serve those they lead, as well as the organizations and communities they love.


Servolution: Starting a Church Revolution Through Serving

by Dino Rizzo

In Servolution, Dino Rizzo shares the story of his relentless pursuit of ways to bless the lost, poor, and hurting people of his community in Jesus’ name. You’ll be amazed and inspired by the incredible ways God has used Healing Place Church to meet the needs of thousands of people. Each chapter includes practical suggestions and resources for use in any church. Be encouraged by the testimony of how God’s Spirit can use a simple passion to serve to revolutionize your approach to ministry. Wherever you are and whatever your gifts, you can play a vital role in this revolution through serving.


Strategic Disciple Making: A Practical Tool for Successful Ministry

by Aubrey Malphurs

In Strategic Disciple Making, veteran church consultant Aubrey Malphurs teaches churches a process that implements the biblical teaching on discipleship in a simple but practical way as the centerpiece of their ministries. If you’re tired of business as usual at your church and want to make a positive difference, take the plunge into genuine discipleship with a preeminent teacher on the subject. “Malphurs blows away the fog of misunderstanding that surrounds disciple making in the church. His clear analysis of what a disciple is, and how a church can make one, is a welcome addition to the literature on this topic.”–Gary L. McIntosh, professor, Christian Ministry & Leadership, Talbot School of Theology “Malphurs provides us with a concise yet comprehensive examination of this vital component of building believers. A must-read.” –Steve Stroope, lead pastor, Lake Pointe Church, Rockwall, Texas


Whole Church: Leading From Fragmentation to Engagement

by Mel Lawrenz

In this timely book Mel Lawrenz—pastor of one of the most innovative churches in America—outlines his proven model for “whole church/whole ministry.” Church leaders and congregants can embrace this model to reinvigorate their mission by engaging with God, each other, their community, and the world. A “whole church” means that a local congregation believes it is called to the whole purpose of God in and through the church, rather than some narrowly defined specialization. The dynamic whole church model is not merely a list of functions or stages of growth. It offers practical, down-to-earth ways to connect the church to its true mission and purpose.

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