Books Recommended in 2008

///Books Recommended in 2008

Books Recommended in 2008

The following titles are books that we had available to the attenders of the 2008 XP-Seminar … we always give two books to each attendee of the seminar. We provide the list now as suggested books for church leaders to read—for enrichment of yourself or your staff.


Becoming a Healthy Disciple: Ten Traits of a Vital Christian

by Stephen Macchia

In Becoming a Healthy Disciple, Macchia explores the ten traits of a healthy disciple, including a vital prayer life, evangelistic outreach, worship, servanthood, and stewardship. He applies to individual Christians the ten characteristics of a healthy church outlined in his previous book, Becoming a Healthy Church. Using the Book of John, Macchia looks to the beloved disciple as an example of a life lived close to Christ. Personal experiences as well as the experiences of others bring the traits of discipleship into modern context. Each chapter ends with a prayer and questions for reflection and renewal. “Becoming a Healthy Disciple” is excellent for laypeople who want to grow in discipleship, as well as pastors, church leaders, adult classes, and small groups.–Amazon


Becoming a Healthy Team: Five Traits of Vital Leadership

by Stephen Macchia

Teams are difficult to create. They are tough to motivate and even more challenging to lead. They can inspire greatness but also can be filled with pettiness. In Becoming a Healthy Team, Macchia discusses the characteristics that produce intimacy, authenticity, and effectiveness in a team and lead to the team’s vitality. TEAMS spells out Trust, Empowerment, Assimilation, Management, and Service—the five traits of a healthy team. With biblical guidance throughout and questions for reflection at the end of each chapter, Macchia has created a valuable team-building resource perfect for pastors, ministry leaders, and anyone involved in a leadership role. ––Amazon


The Big Idea

by Dave Ferguson, John Ferguson and Eric Bramlett

Churches that bombard people with too many “little ideas” can miss the Big Idea. Community Christian Church embraced the Big Idea and everything changed. They decided to avoid the common mistake of bombarding people with so many “little ideas” that they suffered overload. They also recognized that leaders often don’t insist that the truth be lived out to accomplish Jesus’ mission. Why? Because people’s heads are swimming with too many little ideas, far more than they can ever apply. –Amazon


The Blogging Church

by Brian Bailey and Terry Storch

The Blogging Church offers church leaders a field manual for using the social phenomenon of blogs to connect people and build communities in a whole new way. Inside you will find the why, what, and how of blogging in the local church. Filled with illustrative examples and practical advice, the authors answer key questions learned on the frontlines of ministry: Is blogging a tool or a toy? What problems will blogging solve? How does it benefit ministry? How do I build a great blog? and Who am I blogging for? –Amazon


Building a Healthy Multi Ethnic Church: Mandate, Commitments and Practices of a Diverse Congregation

by Mark DeYmaz

Through personal stories, proven experience and a thorough analysis of the biblical text, Building a Healthy Multi-ethnic Church illustrates both the biblical mandate for the multi-ethnic church as well as the seven core commitments required to bring it about. Mark DeYmaz, pastor of one of the most proven multi-ethnic churches in the country, writes both from his experience and his extensive study of how to plant, grow, and encourage more ethnically diverse churches. He argues that the “homogenous unit principle” will soon become irrelevant and that the most effective way to spread the Gospel in an increasingly diverse world is through strong and vital multi-ethnic churches. –Amazon


Leadership from the Inside Out: Examining the Inner Life of a Healthy Church Leader

by Kevin Harney

Sharing stories and wisdom from his years in ministry, Harney shows you how to maintain the most powerful tool in your leadership toolbox: YOU. Your heart, so you can love well. Your mind, so you can continue to learn and grow. Your ears, your eyes, your mouth … consider this your essential guide to conducting your own complete interior health exam, so you can spot and fix any problems, preserve the things that matter most, and grow as a source of vision, strength, and hope to others. –Amazon


Mixed Ministry: Working Together as Brothers and Sisters in an Oversexed Society

by Sue Edwards, Kelley Mathews, and Henry J. Rogers

Written by well-respected ministry leaders, this must-have guide answers the question: How should men and women treat gender issues in ministry settings? Sue Edwards, Kelley Mathews, and Henry J. Rogers explore this complex and thorny issue in depth. —Amazon


The Multi-Site Church Revolution: Being One Church in Many Locations

by Geoff Surratt, Greg Ligon and Warren Bird

The authors have done their homework. They have firsthand knowledge of the successes and failures of this movement, having been networking with and facilitating dialogue among churches across the country for years.” —Max Lucado, Senior Minister, Oak Hills Church


Off-Road Disciplines: Spiritual Disciplines of Missional Leaders

by Earl Creps

Earl Creps has written a deeply personal and challenging book—one that caused me to think about my own spiritual journey. Too many of us have made spiritual formation a series of activities and programs; Earl takes us off the map of common practice and into the places where the Spirit is at work. It reminds us that true spiritual formation pervades our lives and the ministries we serve, providing a helpful balance of being and doing. It will be a great encouragement to all who read it. —Ed Stetzer, author, Breaking the Missional Code


The Peacemaker—A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict

by Ken Sande

This book is absolutely the best book I have read on interpersonal conflict management. Sande presents Scripture after Scripture to support his directives to diffuse disharmony among brothers and sisters in Christ. Having served as a pastor for twenty years and having seen my share of church spats, this book would have been extremely helpful years ago. I highly recommend this volume to all pastors, congregational leaders, and other believers who are seeking a biblical response to conflict in the church. The author also has a website that offers various key concepts of this book in brochure form. The church today could use more works like this one. —David R. Bess


Shaped by God’s Heart

by Milfred Minatrea

Milfred Minatrea is a pilgrim not a conquistador. His book is not a map drawn by someone who’s conquered the land. It is a compass with a true north, that points to survival in the secular wilderness where Christ himself is waiting on vitality to knock. This book does not point the way to church growth. It calls the reader to honest pilgrimage—to find the way to meaningful faith. –Calvin Miller, Beeson Divinity School

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