Books Recommended in 2007

///Books Recommended in 2007

Books Recommended in 2007

The following titles are books that we had available to the attenders of the 2007 XP-Seminar … we always give two books to each attendee of the seminar. We provide the list now as suggested books for church leaders to read—for enrichment of yourself or your staff.


Becoming a Healthy Church: Ten Traits of a Vital Ministry

by Stephen Macchia

Becoming a Healthy Church illustrates the ten most important characteristics of church health. Based on extensive surveys, this helpful volume is designed to encourage the creation of a healthy climate for any church and its ministry. –Amazon


Confessions of a Reformission Rev:  Hard Lessons from an Emerging Missional Church

by Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll’s emerging, missional church took a rocky road from its start in a hot, upstairs youth room with gold shag carpet to its current weekly attendance of thousands. With engaging humor, humility, and candor, Driscoll shares the failures, frustrations, and just plain messiness of trying to build a church that is faithful to the gospel of Christ in a highly post-Christian culture. In the telling, he’s not afraid to skewer some sacred cows of traditional, contemporary, and emerging churches. –Amazon


Culture Shift: Transforming Your Church from the Inside Out

by Robert Lewis and Wayne Cordeiro

Like snowflakes and fingerprints, every church’s culture is unique. Learning the art of cultural analysis and cultural formation shown in Culture Shift is indispensable for church leaders. –John Ortberg, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church


The Elephant in the Boardroom: Speaking the Unspoken about Pastoral Transitions

by Carolyn Weese and J. Russell Crabtree

Carolyn Weese and Russ Crabtree have done churches a great service in breaking the curious silence about pastoral transition, perhaps the most serious threat to churches in the less institutionalized twenty-first century world. Here you will find the reality-based principles that lead to strategic succession. –Bob Buford, Leadership Network


The Irresistable Revolution:  Living as an Ordinary Radical

by Shane Claiborne

If there is such a thing as a disarming radical, 30-year-old Claiborne is it. Claiborne is a founding member of one of a growing number of radical faith communities. They call themselves “ordinary radicals” because they attempt to live like Christ and the earliest converts to Christianity, ignoring social status and unencumbered by material comforts. Claiborne’s chatty and compelling narrative is magnetic—his stories draw the reader in with humor and intimacy, only to turn the most common ways of practicing religion upside down. He somehow skewers the insulation of suburban living and the hypocrisy of wealthy churches without any self-righteous finger pointing. “The world,” he says, “cannot afford the American dream.” Claiborne’s conviction, personal experience and description of others like him are a clarion call to rethink the meaning of church, conversion and Christianity; no reader will go away unshaken. —Publishers Weekly


Leadership is an Art

by Max DePree

Perhaps we should banish all of our management books except Max De Pree’s gem, Leadership Is an Art. The successful Herman Miller, Inc., chairman . . . . writes only about trust, grace, spirit, and love . . . . such concerns are the essence of organizations, small or large. —Inc. magazine


Leading From the Second Chair: Serving Your Church, Fulfilling Your Role, and Realizing Your Dreams

by Mike Bonem and Roger Patterson

If you are a second chair leader, are considering a second chair role, or work with a second chair leader, this book is a must read! Mike Bonem and Roger Patterson have done a superb job of defining the living paradoxes a second chair leader deals with day in and day out. Don’t consider a second chair role without reading this book first. –Warren Schuh


The Multi-Site Church Revolution: Being One Church in Many Locations

by Geoff Surratt, Greg Ligon and Warren Bird

The authors have done their homework. They have firsthand knowledge of the successes and failures of this movement, having been networking with and facilitating dialogue among churches across the country for years.” —Max Lucado, Senior Minister, Oak Hills Church


Off-Road Disciplines:  Spiritual Disciplines of Missional Leaders

by Earl Creps

Earl Creps has written a deeply personal and challenging book—one that caused me to think about my own spiritual journey. Too many of us have made spiritual formation a series of activities and programs; Earl takes us off the map of common practice and into the places where the Spirit is at work. It reminds us that true spiritual formation pervades our lives and the ministries we serve, providing a helpful balance of being and doing. It will be a great encouragement to all who read it. —Ed Stetzer, author, Breaking the Missional Code


Organic Church: Growing Faith Where Life Happens

by Neil Cole

I heartily recommend this book. It is packed with deep insights; you will find no fluff in it. Among the books on church planting, it offers a rare combination of attributes: it is biblical and well written, its model has proven effective, and it is authored by a practitioner rather than an observer or an ivory-tower theoretician. –Curtis Sergeant


The Peacemaker: A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict

by Ken Sande

This book is absolutely the best book I have read on interpersonal conflict management. Sande presents Scripture after Scripture to support his directives to diffuse disharmony among brothers and sisters in Christ. Having served as a pastor for twenty years and having seen my share of church spats, this book would have been extremely helpful years ago.  I highly recommend this volume to all pastors, congregational leaders, and other believers who are seeking a biblical response to conflict in the church. The author also has a website that offers various key concepts of this book in brochure form. The church today could use more works like this one. —David R. Bess


Practicing Greatness: 7 Disciplines of Extraordinary Spiritual Leaders

by Reggie McNeal and Ken Blanchard

I have always been challenged by Reggie McNeal’s ‘right on’ insights. And this book is packed with ‘right on’ insights for any leader wanting to move from good to great. —Robert Lewis, Pastor and Men’s Fraternity Founder, Fellowship Bible Church, Little Rock, Arkansas


Shaped by God’s Heart: The Passion and Practices of Missional Churches

by Milfred Minatrea

Milfred Minatrea is a pilgrim not a conquistador.  His book is not a map drawn by someone who’s conquered the land. It is a compass with a true north, that points to survival in the secular wilderness where Christ himself is waiting on vitality to knock.  This book does not point the way to church growth. It calls the reader to honest pilgrimage—to find the way to meaningful faith. –Calvin Miller, Beeson Divinity School


An Unstoppable Force:  Daring to Become the Church God Had in Mind

by Erwin Raphael McManus

An Unstoppable Force will excite and inspire readers about being part of the Church that God had in mind! A “force” created to change the world. A Church that is engaged with its community, daring to cut itself free from atrophied practices and programs to flourish in creative and compelling worship. A Church that risks reaching out to our jaded culture with “outside the box” expressions of faith and love. –Amazon

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