Working 65 Hours and Not Getting It Done

Working 65 Hours and Not Getting It Done

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hey Prof … I’m about maxed out in my job at church. I’m putting in 65 hours a week and still not getting it all done. My wife is fussing at me all the time. Help!

DRF—We all hit “Ceilings of Competency.” This is when our current skills take us to the limit of what we can humanly do. Working more hours will be like a hamster on a treadmill. You won’t get any more work done and only frustrate yourself, your family and ministry.

Get with a friend, ministry colleague or coach. For two weeks, keep a detailed calendar of how you are investing your time. Review that with your mentor. What is it that only you can do and what can you give to others? Generally, pastors fail at doing Ephesians 4, “equipping the saints for ministry.” Pastors tend to do ministry by themselves and fail to build strong and empowered teams around them. You will find that as the team leads ministry with you, that you will break through the ceiling of competency. Team members will go with you to new levels of effectiveness.

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