When Do We Need Commercial Licenses for Vehicles?

When Do We Need Commercial Licenses for Vehicles?

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Hey Fletch … We use vans in our church. Do we need a commercial license for the drivers?

DRF—Lots of churches use vans. It used to be that the 15 passenger van was king. Due to safety reasons, you don’t want to be driving that van. 

To get to your question, what is the largest vehicle you can drive without a special license? Frank Sommerville notes:

The 15-passenger van is so popular because it’s the largest vehicle that can be driven without a special license. But I would caution against using 15-passenger vans. There are too many risks. They are just too unstable on the road. It’s worth mentioning that federal law prohibits school districts from using them.

I would strongly recommend that you have 10 and 12 passenger vans, at the largest.

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