Weekly Financial Reporting Spreadsheet

Weekly Financial Reporting Spreadsheet

Friday, June 1, 2018

Hey Fletch … Would you mind sharing an example of a Weekly Financial Reporting spreadsheet?  I’d love to see it and incorporate it.

DRF— A weekly financial reporting spreadsheet should contain a church’s actual income and the budget forecast. The following numbers are from WheatFields Good News Church. This church is the basis of my book, Smart Money for Church Salaries and the upcoming 12 regional workshops on the topic.This is a compiled case study church, as no church wants to share their confidential donation numbers.

WheatFields has 2,000 people in worship each week and a thriving 600-child preschool.

To the right you can see an image of their weekly reporting spreadsheet. You can download an Excel copy of it on this page on XPastor.

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