Preaching Excites Me but Administration is My Gift

Preaching Excites Me but Administration is My Gift

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Hey Fletch … I really appreciate the advice you recently gave me. I’m sure you get lots of emails from inquisitive folk! I have another question. The thought of preaching excites me, but I know administration is my leading gift. God has long been prepping me for the XP role. I’m doing a Masters of Divinity at Dallas Seminary now and I’d be really interested in working with you in the XP Doctor of Ministry program. At the same time, preaching and teaching really excited me. That said I’m going to stay the course, even if I only get to be a fill-in teacher!

DRF—You are on a great path. Getting a good education prepares you in so many ways. The M.Div program gives so many tools of biblical knowledge and hones your teaching ability. There are many XPs who regularly preach and teach. It’s not an “either this or that” but often a “both XP and teaching.” It does a congregation well to hear the XP preach from time to time. You may also find that there is a class or small group that you regularly teach. You never know that God may have you be a preaching pastor sometime in the future.

Stay on your course. Develop the gifts that God has given you. Enjoy where He will lead you.

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