Picture Scaling on Social Media

Picture Scaling on Social Media

Monday, May 28, 2018

Hey Fletch … At the risk of coming across as a jerk, although I hope not, I did want to throw a suggestion your way. I’ve noticed your “Hey Fletch” images on LinkedIn are really difficult to get justified and fit on the page. When you get a chance, download the free app called “Over.” It’s a really simple app that allows for some design, but for your application, you can just hit the + to create a new image and select the “In” template for LinkedIn. It will automatically adjust the size of your image to fit in the LinkedIn feed perfectly. Your content is too good not to capture folks attention. Keep it up!

DRF—Thanks for that and I take it! After your question we did some work and things are looking better. Doing posts out of WordPress is a challenge and we continue to work on the images. My challenge is the Blog2Post app that I’m using within WordPress. I think that I have mastered it but it is a process. I always appreciate feedback and take it to heart. I’ll look into “Over.”

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