Percentages of Budget by Ministry Area

Percentages of Budget by Ministry Area

Monday, June 11, 2018

Hey Doc … You answered my question regarding the average percentage of General Fund that is allocated towards Creative Arts. Are there rough percentages of General Fund expenses for Youth, Children’s Ministry and Adult Discipleship which would include Life/Small Groups? Thanks for your time, brother …

DRF—Have a look at this. It should give you that data! These are just averages, so you numbers may vary.

Area Percentage
Worship, IT & Communications 9.3%
Kids 1.2%
Jr. High, High & College 1.0%
Minsitry to Adults 1.3%
Leadership Projects 2.4%
Contingency 6.7%
Missions 10.5%
Accounting 1.0%
Facilities & Facilities Capital 15.7%
Business 0.7%
Salaries 43.4%
Benefits 6.7%
Total 100.0%

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