Leading Through a Senior Pastor Transition

Leading Through a Senior Pastor Transition

Monday, May 7, 2018

Hey Fletch … Just wanted to say thanks for this XPastor.org article: Leading Through A Senior Pastor Transition.

DRF—Chuck Olson, one of the XPastor Community, wrote that article. I’m so please that it was helpful to you. A Senior Pastor change in a church is a challenge. Chuck lays out the groundwork there—Keep Perspective, Provide Continuity, Provide Stability, Look Ahead, Seek Outside Help, Emphasize Prayer, Advance the Mission, (Over) Communicate, Seek Counsel and Anticipate a “New Song.” 

Having gone through several SP transitions in my XP tenure, I agree with what Chuck says. You may also want to read a new Senior Pastor’s perspective, in Jeff Jones’ article: Succession Thoughts. I also wrote a case study on the transition from Gene Getz to Jeff Jones.

God’s best to you in your transition! Let me see if Chuck Olson wants to add anything to the article that you mentioned.

Chuck—Looking back on these transitions in leadership, I would want to add one more: Keep a journal that traces and captures God’s activity in your own soul during the ups and downs that attend times of change. These seasons will be some of your richest times of how God first works deeply in your life before He works through your life.

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