Elder Decisions in a Church of 600

Elder Decisions in a Church of 600

January 24, 2018

Hey Doc … We have grown to a church of 600. Lately some of our Elders are asking, “Why did you two (the SP and XP) make this or that decision? I thought that we Elders were leading the church?”

DRF—One of the challenges of church growth is changes in situational leadership. The decisions that an Elder Board can make in a church of 200 is different from a church of 600, and will be even more different if your church grows to 1,200 or 2,400. I would suggest that you have a conversation and get elder input on that—what exactly do they want to decide and why?

As churches grow, Governing Boards need to set vision, policy and make strategic decisions. They need to empower staff to carry out vision and to take tactical action. A church plant is like an infantry platoon—small, mobile and with direct access to leadership. As an army grows, you need officers to carry out the leadership vision of the Pentagon.

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