Automatic Rollover of Housing Allowances

Automatic Rollover of Housing Allowances

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Hey Fletch … At the Smart Money for Church Salaries workshop, you referenced some language you used on the housing allowance form. This allows the amounts to roll over year after year without a new form. Can you share that verbiage with me?

DRF—What you want is an “evergreen feature.” With this, the amount of the housing allowance stays the same until a new allowance is approved. The line that you want to add on your Housing Allowance Form is: “This housing allowance applies until a new allowance is approved.” 

There are several benefits. If you forget to do the renewals in December, they continue. Many times a church board decides to skip their December meeting, then the allowances will continue to be valid in the upcoming year.

Remember that the housing allowances must be approved by your board. Any minister who desires to change their allowance must have a new allowance approved in advance of its application. Approved forms also should be placed in the HR files of each minister and a copy given to them for their files.

Here is the slide from the workshop:

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