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Tools for Averting Predators—A Federal Agent on
 Safety & Concealed Weapons

Often a Risk Management Team will begin as WheatFields’ did—see The Case of the Church Embezzler.” The church knows something must be done, but does not know the needed scope. Experts help teams learn the enormity of their task. Jim Riggs, a retired Federal Agent, was asked to comment on WheatFields’ initial Risk Management Team meeting.

First Thoughts on Church Safety Issues

These are first thoughts for any team to consider about the scope of their role. […]

Get Ready for the New Required Salary Level

Beginning January 1, 2020, more workers in America will qualify for overtime pay. The new Department of Labor rules will expand coverage to over a million more employees. The minimum salary levels will rise from $23,660 to $35,568 per year.

Today is the right time to get ready. January 1 is right around the corner. If you are found to be out of compliance, you can face significant fines and penalties. Learn […]

Tools for Averting Predators—Preventing and Discovering Fraud

These tools are provided by The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. With its mission of Enhancing Trust, ECFA now certifies nearly 2,300 Christ-centered churches and ministries based on its high standards in financial management, governance and gift administration. ECFA is also a leading provider of church resources, including the free ChurchEXCEL subscription at ECFA.church.

Preventing Fraud

While this short summary is not meant to be all-inclusive, it will help you assess your current situation and determine if […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Church Ratio Analysis

Effective financial ratios can give your church vital insight into your financial condition and trends. But once you’ve gathered all the data necessary to prepare a ratio analysis and complete your reports, what’s the next step? This article explains how to analyze this information to get the most out of it. 

Let’s start with a look at some sample ratios from the CapinCrouse Church Financial Health IndexTM (called the Index in this article). […]

Children and Families Minister – Ball Ground, Georgia

Calvary Baptist Church in Ball Ground, Georgia is in search of their first Children and Families Minister. This person will be responsible for creating a team-based ministry that leads safe and loving environments where kids learn about salvation through Christ and worship God. The ministry will also build relationships with parents that equip them to teach and disciple their children.

Ball Ground is a great community located 20 minutes or less from 5-6 cities and […]

Senior Pastor – Ashaway, Rhode Island

Pilgrim’s Baptist Church, in the small town of Ashaway, Rhode Island, is looking for our next Senior Pastor to lead our church. This person will be responsible for casting a vision for the church that will connect with the community and grow the church body both spiritually and in number. The new Senior Pastor will work closely with the current leadership team to establish unity and bring new ideas to the congregation.

Being located just a […]

Tools for Averting Predators—Reflections from an Attorney 
on Sexual Offenders

Eventually most churches encounter a known registered sex offender who is either already in the congregation or desires to attend. Trying to determine whether or how to live with a wolf is dangerous and fraught with difficulties. On the one hand, churches must assure the safety of children; on the other, churches seek to help an abuser repent and reconcile through God’s redemptive love.

If the Church Was a Bank, Children Are the Vault

You must protect […]

10 Discoveries: The Latest Research on Church Mergers, Part 2

Upcoming on November 13–Fletch will talk more with Warren Bird and Jim Tomberlin about the preliminary findings on “Church Mergers” for those who participated in their online survey. Bird and Tomberlin write:

Topics include:
• What motivated your church to get involved with a merger?
• What happened to the pastor of the joining church when the merger took place?
• How similar was the denominational or network background of the churches that merged?
• And many more!

Learn pitfalls to […]